Sample Page – Pregnancy Pain Relief

Working on the Right Side of the Belly


This technique is especially beneficial in that it places a gentle stretch to the round ligament, which is a major contributor to pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

This is added for web viewers to understand the positioning :
Our mother to be is lying on her side with her arms and legs wrapped around pillows. There should should also be a pillow under her head also. She can be on the floor, bed, or massage table.


Picture of the Round Ligament

Stand or kneel in such a way that you can place your hands on her belly right at the pubic hair line. Place your right hand at the pubic hair line with your left hand next to it.  With your hands flat, press down slightly, with just enough pressure to keep your hands from slipping.  Pull her skin straight towards you at a 45 degree angle to her spine.  Figures 15 & 16

Figure 15clip_image005

It is important to keep your wrists straight. This will prevent your wrists from tiring. Also,  keep your hands as flat on her skin as possible. The more of your hand surface that is against her skin the less chance of slipping.

clip_image006Figure 16

Hold this stretch for one and a half minutes or longer, until you feel her skin release.

As stated in the section regarding the right side of the back, if after one minute you don’t feel your hands coming closer to you slightly, try to release the amount of pressure a little bit. After about 15 seconds more see if you can feel your hands gliding towards you. If you feel the skin moving (your hands gliding closer towards you) continue to hold the pull with the same pressure until your hands stop moving for about fifteen seconds. No need to go longer than two and a half minutes.

clip_image007Figure 17

Move further up her belly placing your right hand under her belly button  and your left hand above. Remember to place your hands with your fingertips reaching all the way to the midline of her body.  Do the stretch the same way, pulling toward you for at least 90 seconds or until you feel a release.     Figure 17

Next move your hands further up the belly again to the third position.   Now place your right hand above the belly button and do the exact same thing. This time make sure your left hand which is nearest her right breast  is on her belly so you can draw her skin up under and into the crease where her breast meets her ribs. Figure 17-18

Figure 18clip_image009

Feel confident you are in the right place and understand you may be pushing her breast upward from underneath with the outside of your hand or arm.

When our mother to be turns over you will do this same technique sequence, addressing the other side of her belly.   If you are only working the belly area, please skip to page Working on the left side of the belly. Remember to always work both sides of the body symmetrically during a treatment session.

Always remember, if you don’t feel the skin gliding it’s OK. With time you will begin to feel not only the gliding, you might be able to feel the rhythm of the muscles and skin moving under your hands when you lay them on her and just feel for small movements.

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