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Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

July 8, 2010 by  
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Stretch marks during pregnancy are a common complaint. Most women and girls will experience them in one form or another. Some of you may have experienced rapid breast growth during puberty that caused you to get stretch marks on breasts and or hips. No one really wants a single stretchmark.

All of your skin is fairly elastic, yet when rapid growth strikes such as with pregnancy the normal production of collagen (a major protein which makes up the connective tissue in your skin) is disrupted causing scaring and red lines to form.

You will notice them on your thighs, breasts, hips, and bottom, and this is a frequent complaint among pregnant women.  There are things you can do to prevent the development of these stretchmarks, and it is best to start working on improving your skin elasticity early on in your pregnancy.

Another cause of stretchmarks among women and men alike is  the use of steroid-containing creams or ointments (like Hydrocortisone) for longer than a few weeks. Sometimes high doses of oral  stretchMarksThighsWebcorticosteroids for long periods of time can also cause this problem.

Stretch marks may first appear as reddish or purplish lines that may seem to be indented.  You may feel that your skin texture is changing in those areas.

Many times these marks (scars) will disappear over time, but sometimes that can take a long time.

Preventing Stretch Marks by Increasing Collagen Production.

No one can promise you that you can avoid stretch marks completely… however it is the opinion of this author that your skin has amazing abilities to do far beyond what you expect of it. If you take an active role to reduce stretch marks before they happen you may end up a happier woman.

By changing your diet to support collagen production you may be able to avoid some stretch marks. Also applying creams and oils specially formulated for pregnant bellies can greatly help your skin.  We recommend Stretch Easy Massage Oil from Native Remedies. Get more info on StretchEasy Formula – Prevent stretchmarks, improve skin tone, flexibility and elasticity

Here are some things to try:stretchMarksStomachWeb

  • Consume foods that increase collagen production and benefit your skin.  Dark green vegetables like spinach, kale and asparagus have lutein, which increases hydration and elasticity in skin. Red fruits and vegetables such as red peppers, beets and tomatoes have lycopenesl, an antioxidant that increases collagen production.
  • Using pregnancy stretch mark home remedies such as making a lotion made from extra virgin coconut butter mixed with vitamin E and a natural liquid C (I prefer opening capsules mixing them on a plastic wrap and directly applying them to the skin, apply for about 15 minutes) you can feed your skin with the wrap and you can rub it in after removing the wrap will do wonders for your skin. You may want to add a little dried kelp to your mix to feed your skin with the natural salts and iodine in kelp. Good stuff to reduce stretch marks, but a little messy. :O)
  • Another stretch marks treatment uses Vitamin C in a wrap containing avocado oil, which hydrates skin and is compatible with your skin’s natural oils. This also increases collagen in the dermis. Mix 2 teaspoons of avocado oil with 1/4 cup of honey and apply the belly using your fingertips. Rinse the wrap off with cool water after 15 minutes. Apply the wrap at least 3 times a week or more.

    Please keep in mind that when you are in your third trimester it is best that you not spend to much time lying flat on your back…… Feel free to move around when applying wraps, oils, and lotions.

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Please keep in mind that when you are in your last trimester it is best that you not spend to much time lying flat on your back…… Feel free to move around when applying wraps, oils, and lotions.

stretchMarksStomachWeb1Another way that might help avoid some stretch marks is through gentle stretching using simple massage techniques found in the Pregnancy Pain Relief book. But you will not want to start working on your skin till after the first trimester .

Why you ask?????

You can massage yourself with nutrients talked about in this article….. but it is recommended that you wait till after your first trimester to receive a massage from someone else.

As for your skin….you have three layers of skin that are working independently of each other… by using the techniques as they are given in the Pregnancy Pain Relief book you are re-distributing collagen between the layers of your skin.

Moving these collagens can help protect the skin from some damage… Collagens tend to migrate to the points of least resistance and get caught in pockets… by using the stretches in the Pregnancy Pain Relief book you will assist your skin in redistributing them, hopefully making for less scaring.

This brings up something I haven’t mentioned …..there are are actually several types of collagens one of which actually acts as a lubricant between the layers of skin. This is the one that gets driven into pockets and needs redistribution.

After doing these gentle stretches apply your oil, lotion, or wrap. Massage them in to help drive the nutrients into the skin.

Remember the above is not a guarantee…its a suggestion for you to take action to do what ever you can to prevent stretch marks before they happen. Work now to prevent stretch marks after pregnancy.

How to Get Rid of StretchMarks or Make Them less noticeable:

  • Truth is you can never get rid of the stretch marks completely. Lotions, oils, creams, extra virgin coconut butter with vitamin E and C can only do so much.

  • Prevention of stretch marks is much easier than trying to get rid of them once they appear.  Once you know you are pregnant, begin using a stretchmark cream which is formulated for pregnant women such as Native Remedies Stretch Easy Cream.Get more info on StretchEasy Formula – Prevent stretchmarks, improve skin tone, flexibility and elasticity
  • Tanning treatments such as sprays and lotions such as in salons work well to help cover up the stretch marks. That said….tanning booths or beds don’t work as well because the scars don’t tan very well. Plus to be honest tanning beds and booths are not healthy for you or your skin.

  • You might try body makeup however if you want to go into the water most all makeup even though it may say water resistant still tends to come off after spending time in the water.

  • Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy, it does help stretch marks but tends too take a long time to get a good result. It works best when the stretch marks first appear and as long as there isn’t any open soars.

  • Bio Oil for Scars and stretch marks.  Many people have gotten good results with this.

  • Some of the latest trends in beach fashion are coming to your rescue. Shorts and  long swim suit tops with high necks make hiding scars easier by covering breast, hip and thigh stretch makers.
  • You can’t make stretch marks go away entirely without the help of a dermatologist (a doctor who specializes in treating skin problems) or plastic surgeon. These doctors may use one of many types of treatments — from actual surgery to techniques such as microdermabrasion and laser treatment — that reduce the appearance of stretch marks.



    These techniques are expensive and stretch marks will probably diminish over time anyway.

    You may want to discuss medical treatments with your dermatologist. Laser and light therapy can help stimulate the skin and increase collagen production, and may be an option if you are experiencing not having luck increasing collagen production on your own.

    Of course this is after your baby is born. :O)

    Here are some lotions and creams specifically for stretch marks from Amazon Just click on the ad and you can go straight to Amazon for purchase.



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2 Comments on "Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks"

  1. madeline c okonta on Mon, 12th Mar 2012 2:26 pm 

    what if i don’t have stretch mark until my pregnancy is getting to seven, eight and nine month, is it advisable or possible to use stretch mark cream or is it normal

  2. Keith on Mon, 12th Mar 2012 3:13 pm 

    Using a cream throughout your pregnancy will help prevent stretch marks by keeping your skin supple and hydrated. Stretch marks are not necessarily abnormal, but applying a belly cream will help keep your skin as supple as possible, helping it stretch as gently as possible, and hopefully preventing stretch marks from occurring. Don’t wait until you see the stretch marks coming up, get your skin toned up as early as possible. If you are in your 7-8 month, it is still good to apply a belly cream. It could help minimize some of the stretch marks still, but it is best to begin this regimen early in the second trimester to get your skin better prepared to stretch when the need comes.

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