During pregnancy, the mother’s body undergoes various structural changes to accommodate the growing baby. As pregnancy progresses, these changes have a profound effect on the daily functioning of the pregnant woman.

Rising Hormone Levels: As your body prepares for the growth and delivery of your baby it releases hormones (relaxin and progesterone) to help loosen your joints and relax your ligaments. This will increase the stresses in the mother’s body.

Shifting Center of Gravity: Uterus expands to accommodate the growing baby your shifting your center of gravity forward causing the hips to roll to the front and the low back to increase its curve. This shift increases the pressure on the lower spine and hip joints resulting in low back and hip pain as well as sciatica.

 Compromised Posture:  Adjusting to your pregnancy can lead to poor posture. As the curve in the low back increases its common to see the head and neck shift forward resulting in tension and stress in the neck. The improper posture causing the tension and stress in the neck, is the cause of headaches, neck pain, and muscle spasm.

Increased Weight Gain: It is natural and healthy for a woman to gain weight in pregnancy. It is important the mother increase her blood and fluid volume to provide for the growing fetus. This increase however can lead to leg swelling as well as leg and foot pain.

Growing Uterus: The uterus has attachments to the hip bones and the tail bone. As the uterus grows it can create unbalanced tension on the ligaments attaching to the pelvis pulling the hips out of alignment. This causes pain in the hips or tail bone, known as sacroiliac dysfunction.