spinal alignment

Spinal Alignment: During pregnancy the hormones and the added stress to your body can cause tension in the spine resulting in neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches and low back pain. Pregnancy Pain Relief uses chiropractic adjustments to align the spine relieving the tension eliminating the symptoms.

pelvis alignment

Pelvis Alignment: The uterus has ligaments that attach to the pelvis and as the baby grows tension on these ligaments can pull the pelvis out of alignment. This will result in hip pain, sciatica, and low back pain. At Pregnancy Pain Relief using chiropractic techniques the pelvis is aligned helping the hips move properly correcting the cause of the pain.

spinal decompression and stretching

Low Back Stretching (Decompression): As your baby grows the compression and stress in your lumbar spine increases. This leads to back pain and muscle spam common in pregnancy. The low back decompression unloads the stress on the lumbar spine alleviating the pain and spasm. The face down positioning helps to lessen the pressure the uterus places on the lower body structures relieving pain and improving circulation.

massage chair

Zero Gravity Chair Back and Foot Massage: The zero gravity massage chair treats the entire spine as well as the feet. The massage releases feel good hormones called endorphins that support a woman’s physiology. This improves hormonal function and supports healthy development of the placenta and baby. The rollers provide a deep tissue massage on the low back, glute muscles and piriformis that get tight and painful during pregnancy. The foot roller kneads the tissues on the bottom of the foot reducing swelling and pain associated with foot pain and planter fasciitis.

pregnancy hypervolt treatment

Hypervolt Percussion Therapy: The Hypervolt is used by doctors nationwide to treat muscle and joint pain. The Hypervolt is applied to the muscle or joint while the percussion of the instrument relaxes the muscle spam and circulates the joint fluid. This is one of the premier ways to treat the pain and inflammation of the spine without the use of medication or injections.

post pregnancy pain relief

Post Delivery Core Re-Strengthening: After the delivery of your baby, Pregnancy Pain Relief has specific exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles that have been stretched and weakened from the pregnancy.

heat therapy

Heat Therapy: Heat is applied to the lumbar spine during the low decompression and back massage. This increases the blood flow to the desired area relieving the pain and spasm and facilitating the healing process. The localized heat doesn’t raise the mother’s body temperature only the focal area, targeting the area with the pain and spasm.

chocolate therapy

Chocolate Therapy: Moms are encouraged to each chocolate in our pregnancy suite. Gourmet chocolate is available to eat at you leisure while you are on the Zero Gravity massage chair. Studies have shown the antioxidants and flavonoids lower the risk of preeclampsia and benefit fetal growth.